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About me 

My name is Hanna and I am a trained tailor from Berlin.
Hannisch is my brand.

When I discovered my mothers sewing machine as a 9 year old child I started sewing myself. At 13 years old I visited a sewing workshop where the teacher - Sandy Hill - taught me the basics of sewing.
After finishing school at age 19 I started my training as a tailor - which I then finished in 2020.

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Me and my cat Findus

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My brand Hannisch

When I was 14 years old I discovered an app called "Kleiderkreisel" where I layed the groundwork for my Hannisch brand by selling selfmade tops and gymbags.

The name of my brand stems from a good friend of mine who used to call me Hannisch all the time - so that became my username on the app and later on Etsy too.
In 2019 I officially launched my brand Hannisch. 

And today?
You can get my products in many stores all over Germany, on Etsy and of course here on

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